Magnor Glassverk was founded in 1896, in the dense forests of Norway, near the Swedish border. These woods would provide fuel for the glass melting furnaces.


Several generations of highly skilled glassblowers have shaped Magnor’s history.

A tradition spanning more than 120 years has provided valuable knowledge and experience in producing handmade glass. The craft has continued to develop over the years, but much has remained the same. Melted sand is still magically transformed into sparkling glass.

All glass and crystal products are made by hand with great love and care by highly skilled craftspeople.

Magnor works with some of Norway’s best designers and artists and introduces two new collections each year. Magnor’s goal is to create lasting products that spark joy and enthusiasm, to be treasured for generations.

In 2020, Magnor became part of Homeco’s continued commitment to brand building in Scandinavia.

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