History is the past from which we learn, while Homeco sees the future we are creating now.

Past and future

Development entails lifting our gaze and moving forward, sometimes step by step, while at other times by leaps and bounds. But it is also about looking back, learning from the past and applying this knowledge to meet the needs and demands of the future.

We are proud of our history, and in the future we will be able to look back at our past with pride. We believe in the future, and we envision homes overflowing with our products.

Most stories have already been told, but the story of Homeco has just begun.



Kitch’n is established and opens its fourth store the same year in Trondheim. The vision is to become number 1 in the kitchen.


Kitch’n Sweden

Kitch’n Sweden is established, with stores in Stockholm, Malmö and Västerås.


Tilbord becomes part of Kibord + Home Brands

The head office of Tilbords, including the wholesale company in Bergen, moves down south to Sandnes.


Kibord + Home Brands buys Magnor Glassverk

The company will be part of our further investment in branding in Scandinavia.


Kibord + Home Brands acquires Cervera

Kibord + Home Brands, which also owns Tilbords and Kitch'n, buys the Swedish chain Cervera. The first Cervera store was opened in Arninge, north of Stockholm, in 1987 by the founders Ragnar Bohman, Jack Moell and Bo Forslund, and in the spring of 2018 came the establishment of an online store in Norway.


Kibord + Home Brands becomes Home Brands Holding

After the acquisition of Cervera, Kibord + Home Brands is restructured into Home Brands Holding.


Home Brands Holding becomes Homeco

The aim is to build up a strong Nordic group with quality products for the home, with a main focus on kitchen equipment and interiors.